Figurine Luffy Gear 5 One Piece Battle Record


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Figurine Luffy Gear 5 One Piece Battle Record

  • Créateur : Banpresto
  • Dimensions : Hauteur de 13 cm
  • Produit authentique sous l’égide de Banpresto
  • Accompagnée de son emballage d’origine
  • Composition : PVC de première qualité
  • Tranche d’âge cible : Recommandé pour les plus de 15 ans
  • Date de sortie prévisionnelle : Mars 2024

Découvrez la Figurine Luffy Gear 5 en détails

Dive into the exciting world of the most resolute pirate of the manga series with the Figurine Luffy Gear 5 One Piece Battle Record, a proud addition to our exclusive lineup.

Visualize your favorite hero, Monkey D. Luffy, engaging the enemy with his distinctive move, depicted with striking clarity in this unforgettable statuette. He’s not merely standing; he’s depicted unleashing a formidable blow! The finesse of Gear 5 is showcased through special effects, including the smoke and dynamic aura that encircle the One Piece collectible.

For ardent fans of One Piece, missing out on this distinct piece that encapsulates Luffy’s unrivaled strength, would be unthinkable. The stark white hair and attire, along with his outstretched arm, formulate a stunning visual that screams intensity and the thrill of combat.

Step into the Battle Record series by making this masterpiece a part of your collection. Securing your purchase now ensures you feel the might and fervor of Monkey D. Luffy right in your abode. Don’t pass up the chance to bask in the workmanship and dedication poured into this astonishing portrayal of one of manga’s most iconic figures.